Everything you need to know about Eden Transports!


What Eden Transports is?

Eden Transports is dedicated to providing you with a service intended to accompany you in your displacements in Paris area. We put at your disposal a team of experienced drivers, vehicles tailored to your needs and have a simple formula: “You are the customer; we take you along from point A to point B, at the best rate”

Eden Transports is different from a traditional taxi service. We do come to pick you up only at your given time and we follow other rules of our own. On the other hand, our car rental always comes with a driver.

How to rent a car?

To rent a vehicle, we first of all advise you to ask for a quotation on line. You get the quotation in less than one hour. You will contact us then, to fill up a reservation form, or you can get in touch with us directly on our telephone line at 01 48 09 08 07. We are available for help 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

How is the journey fare calculated?

Journey fares vary depending on the distance travelled, the number of people to be embarked and the number of baggage. They also change according to your special requests (examples: should you decide to go on holiday with friends, we can organize the pick-up circuit; should you need the hiring of a driver for your partner, we can provide for a bunch of flowers…).

Is there a fixed rate?

No, there is not a fixed rate, because the cost of a journey depends on several factors. However, we published a fee schedule for specific journeys in the Paris region. To get rate immediately, please use the module destination.

What are the payment methods?

We propose three (3) possibilities of settlement:

  • by check;
  • bank transfer;
  • in cash to the driver.

Up to how many people for a car?

We provide cars that can accommodate up to eight (8) people. Beyond this number, you are advised to consider hiring another vehicle.

Can I choose the car which will come to pick me up?

We offer two ranges of vehicles. The standard range proposes vehicles of the type used by taxis. The Prestige and luxury vehicles we provide reconcile comfort and luxury.

But, overall, all our vehicles are suited to satisfy you while putting a premium on your comfort above all.

Do your vehicles comply with standard?

Our vehicles meet quite specific standards for the sake of our customers’ comfort. Eden Transports will make every effort to provide you the most pleasant possible journey.

How far can you go?

Our passenger transport service is able to accompany you to any destination located in France and Europe. On the other hand, the point of pick up must obligatorily be located in the Paris area.

Is it possible to rent your chauffeur-driven vehicle only to forward packages?

Yes, this is quite possible! We propose a baggage transportation service to forward your packages anywhere in France.

How many baggage can I bring with me?

You are entitled to a luggage and one or more hand luggage. Additional luggage is subject to additional tariff supplement.

What to do for an excess baggage?

Ideally, you should inform us on the number of luggage in advance, at the time of the booking. We will be able thus to send the vehicle which fits best to your needs. Likewise for cumbersome and fragile objects, you should inform us in advance.

Can I stop on the way to do shopping?

Yes, it is possible as long as the halt does not overrun the vehicle booking. We tolerate up to 15 additional minutes to the duration of reservation. Beyond the 15 min, we charge an extra cost for 1 additional hour.

Can one change the destination or the route in the course of a journey?

Yes, if the change of route does not require additional time beyond your rental time. On the contrary, if the change of route requires an additional duration of hiring, it is the driver who will give you the answer, according to its planning.

May I hail one of your cars without reservation?

Without reservation, you cannot have access to the service. However, you can directly call us by telephone at 01 48 09 08 07, to make a reservation quickly and we will strive to pick you up you as fast as possible.

How long in advance does the reservation have to be done?

It would be best to reserve 12 hours earlier. Thus, we could evaluate your needs and provide you with a vehicle which will meet you expectations. If this is done in less than 12 hours, you would rather use the telephone (01 48 09 08 07) for more responsiveness.

What to do if my flight is delayed?

Don’t worry! Our drivers all are equipped with an application which informs them in real time of the state of the air traffic. They will be there at the right time to pick you up in all serenity.

Do I have to give a tip to the driver?

You are not obliged to give a tip to the driver. This is left entirely too your discretion.

Whom should I contact to cancel or modify my reservation?

We advise you to contact us either by telephone at 01 48 09 08 07, or though by the Web site, under the tab Contact. You may either fill the form, or send a mall to through contact@eden-transports.fr

What is the surest means to contact you?

You can get in touch with us through three (3) different ways:

The three ways are safe, but the telephone ensures greater responsiveness. We can be reached 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Whom should I contact for claims?

We ask you to address your claims by e-mail, at contact@eden-transports.fr

What are your schedules?

Either it is for a request for information or a rent, Eden Transports operates a permanent service you can join and request assistance from at any time at 01 48 09 08 07, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.