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EDEN TRANSPORTS: a VTC driver service across Greater Paris

Eden Transports presents itself as a VTC Paris company on a human scale specializing in private transport. With more than 18 years serving Parisians and foreigners passing through our wonderful city, we are proud to present all of our services to you. To save you time, we provide you with the estimate form above. It will allow you to get an idea of the current VTC Paris price. If it suits you, all you have to do is send us your request for online quote as soon as possible.

Driver VTC Paris:
a job at the mercy of a sprawling city

Like every VTC Paris company, Eden transports perseveres day by day for optimum service. Indeed, the capital is not limited to Paris intramuros.

Our mission is to facilitate travel to strategic points in the Île de France region

Aware of the central role that our capital plays in the field of business and tourism on a planetary scale, our company of VTC Paris and neighboring suburbs strives to respond in due time to an ever more demanding clientele living in the pace of megalopolises. As a hyper-connected city, our passenger transport company needs to know the set of the most requested routes in the city from the Eiffel Tower and the most famous avenue in the world: the Champs Elysées. Record tourist influx for years, the city of the CAC 40 deserves special attention for our private taxi fleet to connect the high places of the City (Trocadéro, La Défense, Montmartre, Opéra Bastille, Boulevard Haussmann…).

Frequent connections between international airports and Parisian train stations

By multiplying our action on transit points frequented by travellers, we assiduously ensure our transport action where demand is exploding. Certainly, we serve the main communication nodes of the City of Light and its various crowns. Consequently, one of our primary objectives is to provide a smooth connection between the various railway stations (Gare de Lyon, Austerlitz, Gare de l’Est, Gare du Nord, Montparnasse) and international airports.

Under these conditions, the interest of our cheap vtc brand in Paris is to guarantee a strong capital of trust to our customers.

To satisfy this sizeable performance, our vtc company in Paris has taken care to develop its network of navette Paris Beauvais. But also to respond to urgent situations such as finding a Orly transport as soon as possible. Finally, to have substantial resources at Charles De Gaulle airport within the time limits set.

The private taxi in Paris: a new alternative mode of transport in the city

Like every VTC Paris company, Eden transports perseveres day by day for optimum service. Indeed, the capital is not limited to Paris intramuros.

VTC Paris: great value for money

As a cheap private taxi in Paris, Eden Transports applies affordable prices. These are fixed in advance with the possibility of estimating your quote online and obtaining a quick response from our customer service.

Often criticized and pointed out, the function of vtc Paris outweighs the taxi. Accused of unfair competition by its detractors, our VTC drivers do not have the same prerogatives as customary drivers, such as using the bus lanes.

However, our Ile-de-France vtc drivers will provide you with an equivalent or even superior quality of service. But also similar automotive comfort and substantial savings on prepaid and predefined routes.

Travel safely by 8-seater taxi

Everyone knows it: “Paris embodies chic and glamour”. Nevertheless, the capital of France is a city where disorder and insecurity also reign. So prefer the private taxi to the bus and the metro. A real guarantee of safety, our private drivers are able to guide you while securing your trip all along the route.

Indeed, the galloping uberization of new modes of transport makes it possible to connect customer and driver vtc Paris in record time. In fact, digital digitization perpetuates financial transactions and becomes profitable for our sector of activity.

VTC Paris: Towards a progressive evolution and diversification of private transport

If in its infancy, the function of VTC Paris was to offer a cheaper alternative to the taxi. Eden Transports quickly understood that the role of a private taxi in Paris applied to a heterogeneous clientele.

As the famous saying goes “the customer is king”. In this logic, our daily task is to categorize and segment our services to reach a wide audience.

Indeed, if the traditional clientele was confined to travellers, tourists and businessmen. Our company has been able to send a strong message for the transport of people with reduced mobility, the transport of families but also for companies, travel professionals and people interested in the prestige ranges.

By reinventing and adjusting our image of VTC Paris towards new targets, Eden Transports acts in diversity for the comfort and mobility of all.

Our new challenge: to meet the strong demand from customers in the face of the paralysis of public transport during strike peaks

Private transport is becoming more democratic and developing at full speed. In recent months, it has increasingly come to counter the shortcomings of public transport affected by discontent and social fever. 2020 is also shaping up to be the year of strikes and social movements of all kinds. VTC Paris must therefore be extra vigilant to optimize their services and study a fair and legitimate pricing policy.

When the RATP and the SNCF sounded the alarm, Eden Transports absolutely had to reorganize its 8-person taxis from top to bottom. Then when supply and demand are struggling to coincide in the capital. The best solution for the customer remains to guard against instantaneous price increases by showing pragmatism. For this, it is advisable to order a VTC online a few days before and not at the moment to have competitive prices in real time.

Take advantage of our B2B offers for local authorities and private companies

Whether you are a VSE, SME, associations or local authorities, our pricing policy differs from individuals. As such and because of the status of a legal person, Eden Transports offers à la carte packages depending on the frequency of business trips.

Your employees, collaborators or administrative agents, as part of their professional requirements, regularly travel between different premises, departments or administrations of Greater Paris. Their appointed VTC Paris is quite possible.

Equipped with six to seven-seater vehicles, Eden Transports guarantees the transport of an entire work team within its fleet. Through our range of sedans, all the conditions for collective transport are met.

Sense of welcome and assured discretion

Eden Transports collaborates daily with companies and communities present in Île de France. In the context of business relations, conferences or seminars, our salaried staff immediately blend into the decor.

The presence and comfort of our sedans ensure charisma and professionalism for going to important meetings or dinners. In addition, the suits and ties worn by our VTC drivers perfectly meet the standards imposed in the business world.

Our Pro VTC formula also allows you to continue working collectively or remotely. The wifi service accessible in the vehicles allows you to mentally prepare yourself before any oral intervention.

Finally, if you wish to use our services to recover an employee. It is possible to assist him at the station or airport using a name sign that can also be identified using your company logo.

A Pro VTC Paris formula priced according to the recurrence of business trips

Our Pro VTC Paris formula has been specially designed for communities and businesses. This expectation expressed by professionals establishes preferential and decreasing rates. These are studied and transmitted by estimate according to the distance and the frequency of the professional displacements. This tariff policy applied by our company supports the control and the control of the transport budget generated by your company. It involves two guiding ideas:
  • the end of VTC Paris races paid individually in favor of a flat-rate service
  • the automatic implementation of monthly payment with a single invoice. To benefit from an advantageous rate, consult our customer service.
Finally, this year 2022 is announced from the angle of a smile. After three trying years for the tourist sector and destructive for many of our Parisian VTC colleagues, the hour of growth has come. Following in the footsteps of vaccination and better sanitary conditions, the exercise of our profession seems to be on the rise again for the pleasure of all.