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How can we imagine a reliable private transport policy without taking into account the Beauvais shuttle in the Greater Paris metropolitan area?

This is the challenge Eden Transports had to meet by setting up everything tailor-made logistics to Tillé Airport and in the opposite direction to the capital. In fact, the BVA terminal is the third Parisian airport. Although located in the former Picardy in the Haut de France region, the Beauvais shuttle and the airport associated with it are enjoying renewed interest for passengers.

We have therefore decided to heart of our description to provide you with all the useful details regarding the service of this airport with a sulphurous reputation. This recommendation guide as part of our service aims to make your trip easier.

Navette Beauvais: welcome to the heart of a rapidly expanding transit zone

Long before the health crisis, Tillé airport was enjoying remarkable growth for a small provincial town. With 3.6 million passengers in 2018, the airport area is becoming increasingly important in terms of traffic.

Although the pandemic is putting a fatal blow to air connections, intra-European flights are always rigorous. The Beauvais shuttle therefore offers a plausible solution to reach the capital quickly.

Possible growth thanks to the massive presence of low-cost airlines

Beauvais Tillé airport was designed to relocate part of the massive air traffic present at Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly. Taking advantage of reduced airport taxes, the airlines Ryan Air and Easy Jet took advantage of it. In recent years, they have taken the opportunity to make BVA airport their headquarters just 75 kilometers from the capital.

Thus, this commercial strategy is beneficial to our Beauvais shuttle service. Clearly, by offering low-cost airfares, it generates strong demand and growth from which Tillé airport also benefits.

Indeed, this low-cost policy makes it possible to reach a large number of European cities .

The roads of the sun (Malaga, Naples or Morocco) are appreciable for less than a hundred euros round trip. These rates also concern the main capitals and major cities in Europe (Amsterdam, London, Vienna, etc.).

This entire economic model therefore benefits customers. But also to transport companies that have relied on the efficiency of the Beauvais shuttle.

Precautions and recommendations to observe before the trip

The Beauvais shuttle is a line of the future for low-cost travel. It combines the price of a cheap ticket. Then, the choice to offer the services of a tailor-made private driver. It is the ideal pack to control your time and your travel budget. The compromise sought by anyone wishing to control their budget.

Nevertheless, low-cost lines sometimes put passengers to the test. Notice of strikes, canceled flight or information and flight conditions misunderstood by the customer.

All these scenarios are unfortunately too repetitive. So as not to be unpleasantly surprised, understand now that the low cost concept of the airlines means minimum service.

If our Beauvais shuttle is of high standard. On the other hand, the flight you are going to take is cheap when you are equipped only with hand luggage, the standards of which are defined in the conditions of sale. Then, an obsolete on-board service (drinks and meals not included).

So if psychologically, you are not prepared to travel like this. It is certain that the service will not meet your expectations. In this specific situation, it is more appropriate to go to another Paris airport. Moreover, we also have a cdg shuttle for this occasion. Plane tickets will however be revised upwards with a service worthy of the best companies in the world.

Travel by bus: avoid the obstacle course

At only €15.90 one way, this Paris Beauvais shuttle bus is the cheapest on the market. However, it risks being one of your biggest ordeals and quickly making you disenchanted with the low cost trip.

Indeed, the Porte Maillot transit station is notorious for tourist scams and thefts. In addition, the queue to take a Beauvais shuttle does not guarantee your place on the next bus. You have to wait in turn for the queue to disgorge. Enough to develop fatigue and stress before flying

If you have patience and are ready to spend a day between a bus trip and a plane, go for it! This opportunity is most favorable for you. There is also the possibility of taking the train to Beauvais station. However, the connection with Tillé airport is very poorly served.

But if you prefer to combine comfort and tranquillity, Eden Transports describes the advantages of its service on board its top-of-the-range vehicles.

Paris Beauvais shuttle: what solutions for a pleasant trip?

The Tillé BVA airport is experiencing a rebound in negative opinions; However, the protective measures against Covid 19 have increased the popularity of the terminal.

Some French returnees who have been stranded for several months abroad have been able to taste the joy and the deliverance by landing in Beauvais.

However, the comments are often the same:

  • Crowded hall
  • No seats
  • Lack of staff
  • To travel in ideal conditions, the best way to get to the airport from Paris is to use a private Beauvais shuttle like ours.

    The purpose of this service is obviously that you can comfortably transit to the Tillé terminal to join your flight. But above all, to control your time by spending as little time as possible in the terminal.

Indeed, traveling low cost by airline requires a short response time. In order not to be worn out by fatigue, the ideal trip must focus on the essentials. Namely a journey in a private driver of an hour and a quarter. Then a sharp arrival to check in without further delay.

The basic formula of our Paris Beauvais shuttle is 140 €. A real car rental service with driver, it remains a safe and incomparable means of transport.