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If at the beginning, the function of private driver Paris aroused a craze revolutionizing the transport of people. Today, this service is still attractive as it has been called into question following numerous abuses in the sector.

Based on this premise, we have decided to act and provide users with an answer claire.

In the passenger transport sector, how does our Paris private driver company position itself? What are the arguments for or against private chauffeur company services in Île de France? Finally, how does Eden Transports differ from competitors in the sector?


A hot topic that has repeatedly made the headlines (strike, fight, loss of turnover), Parisian taxi drivers felt the blow coming. However, the profession of private driver Paris is regulated and has its own legislation. In this regard, the Ministry of Transport to proceed to a perfect dichotomy between the two branches. However, what becomes problematic for taxi drivers is the resulting competition. For them, the massive arrival of new drivers whose purpose is to transport passengers is not acceptable. Although the legal regime is different, it is the loss of turnover that unleashes passions.

To clarify and reinforce our comments, Eden Transports has transcribed in table form the characteristics specific to each field of activity.


Transfer car
Transport with driver

VTC: No luminous signage, driver in costume.
Transport from 1 to 8 people.
Flat rate.
No surprises on arrival.
Possibility of monthly billing for regular customers.
Eden vehicles authorized to travel on bus lanes with prefectural exemption for considerable time savings.
Possibility of reservation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Sunday and public holidays, even from abroad.
Baby seat available free of charge.
Waiting in the terminal with systematic name sign
Mandatory reservation. No possibility of picking up passengers who hail.

Taxi Car

All taxis:
Illuminated signage
Transport from 1 to 8 people:
not all taxis.
Non-flat rate.
(pick-up, mileage)
Monthly billing not offered by most taxis
Vehicles tolerated on the bus lanes.
Possibility of reservation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: not the case for all taxis, unless you have an online reservation center.
Baby seat available:
not all taxis.
Waiting in the terminal with optional name sign
Can pick up passengers without a reservation.


It is certainly the abusive practices of the platforms that have damaged the image of the private vtc driver over time. A concept invented on the other side of the Atlantic, the American giant UBER landed in the capital in 2011 and immediately won over by offering top-of-the-range passenger vehicles with private drivers at more than fair prices. However, the excesses observed since 2017 seem to be detrimental to the profession of private driver in Paris.

The lack of fare regulation leads to a renewed confidence in taxis

Without a doubt, the top-of-the-range VTC service is the criterion that won over Ile-de-France customers when UBER was launched. But the model of the American multinational and its diversification is suffering in the country of the social that is France. Indeed, the economic liberalism advocated by the platform is displeasing. It is in particular the soaring prices due to the increase in supply and demand as well as notorious events at the origin of unjustified prices that are pointed out by consumers.

Face to these inconveniences, the popularity of taxi drivers goes up.

Longer than normal wait time

In principle, the reservation system leaves the choice to the private driver Paris to accept or not a race. Often, this option is the cause of increased waiting times for users. In fact, many consumers prefer to use taxis, although they are more expensive.

Private driver and lack of experience: an evil affecting novices


The explosion in demand for a private driver in Paris as well as the instant constitution of a self-employed status have benefited a whole population of workers in need of living who can obtain income quickly. Despite the initial motivation, many VTCs were not prepared for the job and also saw their working conditions deteriorate over time. This observation has resulted in a drop in the quality of service, an incessant race for money and the negligence of users.

In the end, if the services of VTCs and Taxis seem to be rebalancing or suffering of a lack, this situation does not impact in any way the professionalism at Eden Transports. Aware of the environment in which we operate, our tailor-made services are the work of the national and international context, the business world or simple services for individuals.


To begin, we will start from the observation that Eden Transports is an independent vtc driver company. In fact, the criticisms that have affected the platforms have in no way tainted our society.

Eden transport: a confirmed private company and certain to become

Contrary based on the start-up model, Eden transports was built in a decade step by step while adapting to the realities of the Parisian market. No substantial fundraising but constant progress with interest and development over time. By studying the flaws in a system where liberalization has taken over, our business model consists of detecting the flaws in the function of a private chauffeur in Paris in order to draw out the positive points.

A well-thought-out management policy

Our business model is based on one fundamental principle: customer satisfaction. In this regard, our drivers have a private driver’s license. And so many are wondering how to become a private driver? Be aware that Eden Transports requires bilingualism from drivers. In a city of international stature, we ask that the private driver Paris of Eden Transports have a command of the English language.

In addition, by framed and predefined rates, we intend to perpetuate our brand image. But also our web reputation which is manifested by positive opinions as well as the humanization of customer relations by analyzing their interests.