A cheap private driver in Paris!

An important client to bring back at the airport? A date meeting with your companion? A visit of Paris with foreigner investors group? Hence try the car rental with private driver.

This kind of service include many benefits, both financial (sometimes cheaper than taxi) and practical. We offer you a tourism car service with driver for your privates or professionals journey.

 Tourism car/ Transport with driverTaxi car
VTC: No light signage, driver in suit.Taxis: signage light
Transport de 1 to 8 people.Not the case of all taxi
Flat rate. No surprise at the arrival.No flat rate (taking charge, mileage)
Possibility of billing at
month for regular customers.
Not possible with the most taxi
Eden vehicles authorized to operate in the bus lanes with prefectural exemptionAuthorised car in the bus lane
Booking possibility 24h/24h 7 days in the weeks Sunday and non-working day even from abroadNot the case of all taxi, unless with a central booking online
Baby seat used freelyNot the case of all taxi
Waiting at the air terminal with nameplate.___
Reservation required. No way to take hailed passengers.Can take passengers without booking

Attractive rates offered by the transport of people, just like the VTC

Eden Transports offers a service to an affordable price and no surprise.
Do not hesitate to compare the rate with the VTC competitor and taxi and you will see the difference quickly.
Moreover, the price are fixed in advance on both sides.
Thus, in opposite of the taxi, we will never have an unpleasant surprise, because you will know at the beginning of the journey the exact amount to pay.

It may give you some ideas to take your partner to a dinner one night in a restaurant near Paris. She will be very pleased to embark with this beautiful car driven by a private driver.

A high quality service including many advantages

Eden transports offer you additional services compared to taxis. On the one hand, the ponctuality is crucial for each provision. If you have an appointment at 10:30 a.m, you will see the car at the scheduled time.

You do not have to wait in the taxi stations, waiting for a car to arrive. On the other hand, all Eden drivers are bilinguals. If you go with an english client (or american), so the driver could reply to the questions of your partner and talk with him in his mother tongue.

VTC package

Eden Transports invite you to the adventure! We offer you also to cover your journey for a day long, half day or for a period of time private excursions. It is an interesting provision to make one of your clients (or one of your closer) discover the city capital of France.

Besides, Eden Transports offers tourist transport on demand in the Paris region.
For example, you can discover the hill of Chevreuse in couple with the beautiful company car, driven by a private driver. Traveling by taxi never gives you the same service quality.