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Coach rental with driver: a new service at the heart of our business

Our certain expertise in the heart of the transport of people in the Ile-de-France pushes us to multiply the offer tenfold to satisfy our customers.

The rental of a coach with driver is a request that some of our customers have requested for group outings. The extent of the phenomenon is such that the local authorities with which we have been working for years are expressly requesting this service.

This new deal for our company once again marks our mark on the field of high-speed transport. scale. Once again, renting a coach becomes obvious for a whole series of groups, associations or companies with which we have collaborated over time.

Thus, instead of ceding this service to the competition, Eden Transports prefers once again to concentrate the service for the benefit of its customers.

Bus rental with driver: a way to satisfy our customers once again

The ease of finding our company on the Internet is now a serene strength for our company. The digital conversion that we have been implementing for many years expressly targets all existing services at the heart of passenger transport. Accustomed to making journeys using sedans or VANs, Eden Transports constantly redirected its chauffeur-driven coach rental services towards traditional market players.

The need to reorganize services following the the health crisis and finding new markets in which to position yourself is on the agenda. The current tourist crisis has got the better of a lot of candidates in the field of transport to which we can now respond. Here are the services that we are able to honor for our customers.

Cheap group travel on sightseeing tours

Tourists wishing to visit Paris can absolutely use our services. However, renting a coach with driver greatly simplifies situations for group outings. As the world’s leading tourist nation, France has substantial monuments, places and landscapes listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Renting a coach for an already consolidated group means ensuring comfort for a specific period without the vagaries of waiting or crowds. By using our private company and booking in advance, all you have to do is get on the bus to be able to go to the desired location, mentioning the accuracy of the information at the heart of your quote request.

This process saves you endless waits or having to zig-zag between different stations to be transported by bus. A few hours from Paris, emblematic places such as the castles of France, Mont Saint Michel or the Futuroscope in Poitiers are accessible by hiring a coach. All routes are therefore possible via ski resorts and seaside towns.

Rent a bus as part of school transport

School trips are one of the strongest demands in the context of coach rental with driver. This mode of transport to which students are exposed once or twice a year as part of cultural visits requires upstream support. Our company is therefore able to align itself with advantageous rates according to the funds advanced by the community as well as the additional contributions payable by the parents. By planning your quote request well in advance, renting a coach is an economical solution when reservation schedules have not yet been determined.

As the saying goes: “the time is money…”. Scheduling your reservation weeks in advance has a certain impact on the final price.

Honor requests for private bus transport within the framework of the company

The B2B offer that we have been developing for more than a decade for the benefit of public authorities, private companies and associations is now effective for coach rental with driver. This means of transport is also favored for important meetings or seminars. European civil servants wishing to go to Brussels or to the European Parliament in Strasbourg can absolutely use our services. Events abound. Whether it’s a scientific meeting, national or international congress, renting a bus becomes an efficient and economical service to reach your point B in complete peace of mind.

The price for renting a coach with driver: the new creed for cheap and completely free driving

Price and competitiveness are currently the decisive elements that lead to the selection of a specific service provider. Very attentive to the financial element and the quality of service, Eden Transports meticulously studies the casuistry of coach journeys to offer you the best solution. De facto, traveling in a group is already a cheap means of transport. Moreover, groups of more than thirty people should favor this mode of transport at the heart of their airport transfer .

This time saving in handling customers and luggage is also more relaxing after having traveled by plane. The evolution of the economy and customer proximity thus make the rental of coach with driver more profitable without going through large groups. This approach developed by Eden Transports, more competitive than the train and car rental with driver, is expressly oriented for people traveling in groups.

Indeed, although the final score is substantial for the rental of a bus with driver. This is very quickly amortized when you divide the final price including the rental, the price of fuel and possibly the tolls by the number of passengers. This solution

Favoring group transport at the heart of our company is certainly more economical. A preferential rate that a public company cannot send you. Indeed, the difference with Eden Transports is expressed in the heart of an exclusive customer relationship developed by our SME.

In addition to economically attractive prices, the safety, the experience of our drivers as well as the modern equipment such as TV and toilets will make the trip more comfortable, relaxing and less boring.

How to rent a bus with driver from Paris and the Île de France to other horizons?


For companies that have already used our services, simply go to quote form of our website. Carefully specify the dates, departure and arrival points as well as the number of people on board.
This information is essential for our sales department to offer you the best current rate. We remind you that all requests planned well in advance have an impact on the final price. Indeed, the pressure exerted on the rental of a coach with driver during the high tourist season has a direct influence on the price. Taking the lead is determining a suitable price base to your advantage.