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Everything you need to know about Eden Transports!

What is Eden Transports?

Eden Transports is a service designed to assist you in your travels in the Paris region. We provide you with a team of experienced drivers, vehicles adapted to your needs and have a simple formula: “You are the customer, we will take you from point A to point B, at the best price. »

Eden Transports is different from a traditional taxi service. We only pick you up by appointment and follow other rules of our own. On the other hand, the rental of our cars is always done with a driver.

How to book a car transfer?

To rent a vehicle, we recommend that you first request a quote online. The quote is sent in less than an hour. You will then contact us, by filling in the reservation form, or can reach us directly on our telephone line at +33 1 48 09 08 07. We are at your disposal 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

How is the price of a transfer calculated?

The price of a trip is calculated according to the route to be covered, the number of people to be boarded and the number of pieces of luggage. The price also changes according to your special requests (examples: you have decided to go on vacation with friends, we can organize the pick-up tour; you hire a driver for your companion, we can provide a bouquet of flowers …).

Is there a fixed price?

No, there is no fixed price, because the price of a trip depends on several factors. However, we have published a scale for specific races in the Paris region. To have immediate prices, use the estimate module .

What are the types of payment?

We offer three (3) payment options:

  • cheque;
  • bank transfer;
  • cash with the driver.

Up to how many people for a car?

We provide cars that can accommodate up to eight (8) people. Beyond this number, you will need to count another vehicle.

Can I choose the car that will pick me up?

We offer two ranges of vehicles. The standard range offers vehicles of the type used by taxis. The prestige range offers luxury vehicles to reconcile comfort and high standing.

But, overall, all our vehicles are able to satisfy you by prioritizing your comfort above all.

Are your vehicles up to standard?

Our vehicles meet very specific standards related to the comfort of our customers. Eden Transports makes every effort to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

How far are you going?

Our passenger transport service is able to accompany you to any destination in France and Europe. However, the meeting point must be located in the Paris region.

I rent your vehicle service with driver only to deliver parcels, is it possible?

Yes! We offer a luggage transport service to deliver your packages anywhere in France.

How much luggage can I bring with me?

You are allowed one suitcase and one or more items of hand luggage. The additional suitcase is subject to an additional charge.

What to do for excess baggage?

The best thing is to let us know the number of bags in advance, when booking. We will then be able to send you the most suitable vehicle. Likewise for bulky items and fragile items, you must notify us in advance.

Can I stop en route for shopping?

Yes, it is possible as long as the stopover does not lead to exceeding the vehicle reservation time. We tolerate up to 15 min additional to the duration of the reservation. Beyond 15 min, we charge 1 additional hour.

Can we change the destination or the route along the way?

Yes, if the change of route does not require additional time beyond your rental time. On the other hand, if the change of route requires an additional rental period, depending on his schedule, it is the driver who will provide you with the answer.

Can I hail one of your cars without a reservation?

Without a reservation, you cannot access the service. On the other hand, you can contact us directly by telephone on 01 48 09 08 07, make a reservation quickly and we will take care of picking you up as soon as possible.

How far in advance should the reservation be made?

The ideal would be to book 12 hours earlier. This way, we could assess your needs and provide you with a vehicle that will meet your expectations. If you are less than 12 noon, in this case it is preferable to use the telephone (01 48 09 08 07) for more responsiveness.

What if my flight is delayed?

Don’t worry! Our drivers are all equipped with an application that informs them in real time of the state of air traffic. They will be there at the right time to welcome you with complete peace of mind.

Should I tip the driver?

You do not have to tip the driver. It is entirely up to you.

Who should I contact to cancel or modify my reservation?

We advise you to contact us either by telephone on +33 1 48 09 08 07, or by the website, in the Contact tab. You can either fill out the form or send us an email at

What is the safest way to contact you?

You can contact us in three (3) different ways:

< p>The three contact options are safe, but the telephone provides more responsiveness. We remain reachable 7 days a week.

Who do I contact for complaints?

Please send your complaints by e-mail to

What are your opening times?

Whether for a request for information or a rental, Eden Transports has a permanent service that you can reach and request at any time on +33 1 48 09 08 07, 7 days a week.