People with reduced mobility

What distinguishes Eden Transport from other disabled people support services is more than just the guaranteed comfort on road.

The company has specific vehicles and a staff trained in transporting disabled people.

This is a real bonus in the transportation business which is still insufficiently adapted to the disability issues. Public transport cannot ensure suitable conditions to people with reduced mobility.

Taxis come thus as the best way, but they remain rare and highly unstable to effectively address the disadvantages of handicapped people’s situation (transporting people in wheelchairs, etc.).

The comfort, the quality service as well as the adaptation to the disabled and handicapped people.

« The simplest and quickest way to get wherever you want in Ile de France, Boulogne-Billancourt (92) Argenteuil (95), the Val d’Oise until Seine-Saint-Denis. »

The benefits of our transport service of people with reduced mobility

Apart from giving an adapted transport environment to handicapped people (equipped cars according to specific needs, wheelchairs transport, trained and graduated staff, Eden Transport want to be the most practical and comforting as possible.

Eden Transports rather than a cheaper taxi

In fact, the whole service can be prepared in advance.

Conversely, taxi is a stressful solution for a person with reduced mobility because everything is decided at the last hour and make the person in an uncomfortable situation.

The Eden Transports’ website reassure client by booking online through a simple application form.

Moreover, the client knows in advance the transportation price, an embarassing alternative when we take taxi for Melun, Bobigny, Créteil, Torcy, L’Hay-les-Roses, Provins or even Le Raincy.

Once these parameters are known, we can be quiet: the itinerary and the prestation are prepared in advance for a specialised and personalised transport.

Ponctuality and reliability

Eden Transports puts a great importance on ponctuality at any circumstance and respect the safety instructions imposed.

Whether for a classic transfer or a request of airport or train station shuttle, service reliability is ensured in each step, from the preparation of tours until the effective transport.