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Our Roissy shuttle supplants the various forms of transport in terms of timing and efficiency

1st French national airport, second in terms of traffic on a European scale and 10th internationally, Roissy Charles de Gaulle is a huge airport area. To date, she crunches on three Ile-de-France departments at the same time (77,93,95). Hence the interest for us to provide a Roissy CDG shuttle service.

If you read the information on public transport on the Internet, the choices are many but the duration is often truncated. How is the Roissy shuttle more efficient?

Shuttle Roissy: a fluid and unique solution to multiple-choice opportunities

Among the options available to travellers, you will find different ways to get to the capital:

  • the train: indeed, there is a rail network directly connecting the airport at the Gare du Nord as well as Châtelet-les Halles. The time is estimated at around 35 minutes. In fact, this line is often subject to strikes. In addition, the dilapidated state of the trains and the overcrowding do not allow travelers with suitcases to move around properly. Let us also insist on the phenomenon of insecurity. In this regard, some resorts such as Sevran-Beaudottes are not well known, subject to attacks and the phenomenon of gangs.
  • the car: if you are returning from a trip and have decided to use the Roissy shuttle car park located 3 km away terminals. However, this solution is possible but not suitable for provincials. Nevertheless, the price of parking is very expensive.
  • taxi: A luxury product in its own right. The bill is likely to be salty because the areas reserved for taxis on the ground floor are blocked. Generally, the traffic jam to leave the airport easily lasts half an hour. Added to this is the congested traffic of the A1 and A3 motorways: a source of additional income for parking meters.

Eden Transports Roissy shuttle

Our prices and reservations are defined in advance. With these measures, our road professionals are therefore punctual. Providing the Roissy shuttle daily, they have the necessary reflexes as well as an increased knowledge of the terrain to transport you in the best conditions. Although work areas are frequent, they will know how to drive smoothly during the week but also on Sundays and public holidays. .


Our empiricism supported by the statistics of a research firm pushes us to act in the interest of travellers. At the heart of Roissy Charles de Gaulle, our Roissy shuttle is an authentic connection point for heading to the desired destinations.

Service to hotels in the airport area and amusement parks in the region

To ensure continuity of service after a tiring journey, Eden Transports has statistically materialized the most popular routes for tourists in transit.

First of all, you will find a VTC driver service on measure for people wishing to rest. All you have to do is book a Roissy hotel shuttle or more precisely a first class Roissy hotel shuttle as soon as possible.

You will also be able to go either to:

  • Airport hotels, located in the airport area in the municipalities of Paris-Nord 2, Mesnil-Amelot, and Roissy-en -France.
  • hotels located in the immediate vicinity of the airport, near the terminals. Like the Sheraton hotel in terminal 2
  • Ibis, Hilton and Citizen hotels accessible from terminal 3.

Our VTC agency also offers the connection to the parks most popular leisure activities in France. All you have to do is book our Roissy Disneyland shuttle or our Roissy Asterix shuttle.

The opportunities available to you within the framework of these services are a godsend. They will save you precious hours and stress.

Immediate springboard to TGV stations and other airports in the Region

In the Bonapartist and Hausmanian conception, the centralizing policy of the 19th century concentrated everything towards the capital. In our time, this historical reality is still predominant.

In fact, the territorialization of France shows that Paris serves the Province and the province serves Paris as a priority. This materialization is also evident in the way of designing the rail network and the train lines.

In this logic, our Roissy shuttle has designed an efficient network which results in the following connections for the TGV stations:

  • Marne la vallée tgv
  • Montparnasse
  • gare de Lyon
  • gare de l’est

But also by expanding our offer for domestic flights by serving the other Ile-de-France airports through connections:

  • Roissy Orly shuttle
  • Roissy Beauvais shuttle

In addition, Eden Transports has set up a system to reach the towns of Creil and Cergy as quickly as possible. All this to meet local needs and satisfy a request requested by travelers themselves.

Traveler Information

Just in case, you might have trouble finding your way around the terminals. In this situation, you can consult the airport map by going to the official website of the terminal.

As such, you have a free WIFI bonus of 15 minutes. In any case, our VTC drivers are there to take care of you. Ultimately, they have a sign so that you can easily identify them.