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Transport for events in the capital and the Ile de France


Event transport in Paris is the major peak of traffic for taxi and VTC companies in terms of passengers and guests. Throughout the year, the City of Lights is confronted with a monthly episode of prestigious events and demonstrations. These illuminate and place the capital at the center of all attention. Recognized as the planetary heart of fashion and culture, it remains one of the most important decision-making centers in the world. This dominant position therefore makes it possible to organize a multitude of events throughout the year.

Besides, the Paris Tourist Office plays a key role during these key periods. Indeed, event transport players as well as local councilors are invited to regulate the fluidity of road traffic during periods of high air and road traffic. Because events in Île de France are reflected in a sudden abundance of travellers.

Event transportation requires reservations made weeks in advance to control your travel expenses

Reservations for event transport are made well in advance. This is the best advice that Eden Transports can give to its customers.

Indeed, the event driver as well as the company find themselves faced with two major challenges during events in the Ile-de-France region:

  • Firstly, it allows a customer wishing to go to an exhibition, a meeting, a seminar or a sporting event of international scope to fix a reasonable price. This still remains slightly higher than an ordinary VTC service. Nevertheless, booking in advance guarantees a fixed and definitively validated time slot.
  • Then, this strategy facilitates the organization of service for event drivers. Then ensures more vehicle availability in advance.

Thus, reservations resulting from event transport on D-Day are overpriced. This is due to overuse of the service. But also by a lack of staff for all the actors of private transport in the Ile-de-France region.

So plan ahead by formulating your requests by quote a few weeks before.

As an example, a major concert at Paris Bercy mobilized the crowd. The artistic event increases requests for vehicle rental. To all this is added the traditional private transport that governs Paris daily. Namely the services of Paris airport shuttle as well as people using the VTC mode of transport for undetermined reasons.

Experienced event driver

Event transport in popular places in the capital is organized in a different way than traditional transport. A particular and distinguished importance is given to the guests and guests received at important events of international scope.

If some actors make special use of high-end services; our event drivers equipped with prestigious vehicles pay particular attention to your arrival at galas or business dinners.

Explicitly with regard to arrival at the requested location, security and protection personal effects.

All these little extras make Eden Transport a key player in event transport in Paris.

Categorization of event transport and inventory of events in Paris

Fifth largest economy in the world, France exerts a centrifugal force on Paris for international events. This is the case for all multilateral political meetings (example of the G20) or economic agreements boosting CAC 40 companies. They require constant travel to La Défense and the Saint Denis plain.

Among the spectacular events present in Paris, places like the Cigale, the Olympia or the Opéra Bastille are the subject of an upsurge in event transport. On this subject, practice shows that users prefer VTC to public transport because of insecurity.

Focus on the most popular sporting events

Event transport in Paris is subject to the success and recurring requests of PSG aficionados every month. For more than 10 years, whether for Ligue 1 matches or Champions League matches, event drivers have been busy.

And the health crisis cannot put a stop to this fervor for economic and event-related reasons.

The same observation is made regarding the enthusiasm for the Blues at each match at the Stade de France. In addition, the peaks in vehicle reservations with driver are observable at this time.

Finally, the start of the Rolland Garros tournament, as every year, will once again be an opportunity to measure the impact of transport events in our city. Although places are limited to respect social distancing.

Fashion Week: financial guarantor of the French luxury industry

An excellent model for export to the world, this biannual event, followed by other men’s and women’s fashion shows, is skyrocketing demand for event transport in the capital. It is therefore in our interest to respond in good time to any express request from our customers.

Paris, as the world’s fashion capital, attracts a lot of foreigners and companies that require quick responses. and immediate in terms of logistics. What we are prepared for.

While there are very typical and targeted events in Île de France, such as the Agricultural Show or seminars at Le Bourget, event transport responds to all events that may occur in Paris.

Consequently, it is a significant part of the market for VTC companies in the Ile-de-France and all must take it into consideration at the heart of their schedules.